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How to Coach the Best Youth Basketball Players

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Paco Redondo share with you the concepts, ideas, details and tools that guided some of the best players in Europe to go from the youth basketball to the highest professional level.

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A coach who has coached Luca Doncic in U18 offers many resources for our players.

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How to Coach the Best Youth Basketball Players

Theorical and practical knowledge that you can apply coaching the most skilled youth basketball players


The biggests talents require a bigger demand.

As a coach, being ready to push every player to a higher level is one of the most important goals during a season. Even more if we are talking about youth basketball. Those that we consider prospects with the chance of becoming professionals in the future also need for more skills, reads and even responsabilities. And, of course, pushing the bests to be even better is not an easy thing to do.

The How to Coach the Best Youth Basketball Players offers you the exclusive chance of learning how to develop stars such as Luka Doncic with the unique perspective of  Paco Redondo.

For 10 years, Paco Redondo was part of probably the biggest youth basketball programs in Spain and one of the most importants in Europe: Joventut Badalona. After that, he signed with Real Madrid, leading thir U18 team for two years. In that process, he could manage the talents of the now pros Jonathan Barreiro, Santi Yusta, Guillem Vives, Alberto Abalde and (the one and only) Luka Doncic amongst many others. 

Having him share all of his knowledge on youth basketball player development is an opportunity not to be missed. Some of the learning you will find in this course:

  • How to lead the talent of the most skilled in both inside and outside positions
  • The advanced drills and details that you can use to push your best players to improve even more
  • The technical and methodological ideas that Redondo have followed to grow their young athletes into NBA players

Special talents require special methods.

Paco Redondo  share with you the secrets that made Doncic and a long list of professional go from the youth basketball to the highest competitive level on the whole world. Sign up to the course to understand how they have done it and if you want to get access to more basketball coaching courses, you can check isportcoach.com.

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How to Coach the Best Youth Basketball Players Course content

  • Paco Redondo ‘Coaching Luka Doncic’
  • Paco Redondo’s Video Room
  • Personal Interview with Paco Redondo
  • Paco Redondo’s Tactical Board

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How to Coach the Best Youth Basketball Players

Course language: English




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