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Basketball Drills

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Some of the biggest experts in the youth world in Spain offer all the keys of their methods for the projects development though basketball drills.

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I value very positively the approach of this course as practical sessions of real training drills to implement in our teams.

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Basketball Drills

The whats, hows and whys behind the daily training of some of the biggest youth programs in Spain


They always say that the most important thing is not WHAT you do but HOW you do it.

Through the daily training, in basketball there are basics and details that players must dominate. The repetition is one of the keys, but not the only one. Coaches tend to focus on the sets that make easier getting scoring chances and the drills that are perfect for some specific goals. But keeping the focus on the most important aspects that each individual must know for the correct application of the skills or concepts that they work on is not something that everybody does.

Some of the biggest experts in Spain in Youth Basketball share with you their methodologies in this Basketball Drills Course. For the players and the team development, going further than just the practical rules.

Ricky Rubio and Rudy Fernández are just some of the players that Sito Alonso has helped through their first steps as professionals. His unique stile of working on the decision-making process is well known in Spain, where he is considered a respected voice when talking about players development.

Xavi Albert‘s process is similar. In Valencia Basket, one of the biggest youth programs in Europe, he grew up as a Coach and is now starting his career in the professional level.

Different is Antonio Pérez‘s case. He has been a professional for over 15 years and is considered one of the brightests minds in Spain when talking about tactical details and how to apply the technique to the game.

Isaac Pujol is a master in the youth women basketball. Most of his career in this stage has been on the Segle XII project, one of the biggest in Europe that year after year pushes young players to become professional.

Paco Redondo has been one of the coaches responsible for the evolution of Luca Doncic when he was U18 in Real Madrid.

These 5 names make the Basketball Drills Course an opportunity that you must at least consider. Sito, Xavi, Antonio and Isaac are the coaches that share their long experiences leading some of the best prospects in Europe in this training specific for the youth basketball. This course includes the following learnings:

  • The key details that you should focus on and how to offer corrections for the players to avoid their frustration and push their improvement
  • Why the implementation of real game situations when working on the skills is one of the main aspects for them to be brought to the competition
  • How to analyze the technique of your players and offer solutions that fit their needs and strengths

Sign up and get all the drills, details, corrections, keys for the analysis and much more for the daily improvement in the Basketball Drills Course. And if you want to get access to more basketball coaching courses, you can check isportcoach.com.

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There are no requirements to get access, although it is recommended to have interest in basketball from the coaching point of view. Specially designed for: Basketball coaches, sports directors and students of the game.

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Basketball Drills Course content

  • Sito Alonso: ‘Sign Youth Drills’
  • Paco Redondo: ‘Sign Youth Drills’
  • Xavi Albert: ‘Sign Youth Drills’
  • Antonio Pérez: ‘Sign Youth Drills’
  • Isaac Pujol: ‘Siglo XXI Women Academy’

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Basketball drills

Basketball Drills

Course language: English




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